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Below you will find a summary of things that you as a web editor may need to act upon regarding the new web design. Have these bullets in mind as you review your pages.

Does your pages contain images?

  • Images intended to fill columns that are wider than 500 pixels (for example, the full width of a regular standard page) should be at least 1,000 pixels wide.
  • Images intended to fill columns that are narrower than 500 pixels (for example, images contained in other blocks, such as in teasers and column splitters) should be at least 500 pixels wide.

Specified column widths refer to the dimensions of the site in desktop view, i e a regular computer screen. Use the page Page and column widths  to determine the recommended width of your images in the new design.

Does your pages contain teasers?

Are there teasers in an article?

  • Make an assessment of how pages will look when white teasers and teasers with expiring colors get frames in the body text area. (Should the teaser content rather be put directly in the article's body text area to avoid unnecessary frames on the page?)

Read more on the page Blocks that are affected .

Do the teasers have background colors or transparent layers?

  • Make an assessment of how teasers will look when colors expire. (How, for example, will it look when there are a number of teasers of different colors and only those with gray and pink background retain the color?)
  • Make an estimate of how teasers will look when transparent layers expire and the teaser text shows below the image instead of in front of it. (For example, how does the teaser look when the entire image is visible and no part is obscured by the transparent layer?)

Read more on the page Appearance types that expire .

Does your pages contain button links?

  • Make an estimate of how the pages will look when button links are converted into regular text links. (Should links be rearranged on the page?)

Does your pages contain separator blocks?

  • Remove separator blocks with space setting. They will create unnecessary gaps on the pages.

Does your pages contain tables?

  • Remove empty columns and rows out of tables. They will be visible as tables get gray background color in new design.

The new design will be implemented on Polopoly based content in week 3, 1019.

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