Page and column widths

The new design provides a broader website in desktop view (computer screen). It means wider content slots as below. The dimensions are indicated in pixels.

The column widths determine how wide the original images should be that you use on the site. Read more about this under Image widths .

Click to enlarge the images in a new tab.

Start page with full width view or standard page without left menu

Startsida med fullbreddsvy eller undersida utan vänstermeny

Blog theme, profiles et c

Bloggtema, profilsidor et c

Start page with left and right sections

Startsida med vänster- och högersektion

 Standard page or start page with left menu

Undersida eller startsida med vänstermeny

Top navigation and site footer

Utfällbar toppmeny och sidfot
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Last changed: Feb 13, 2019