Appearance types that expire

Some background colors will be expired

Teaser blocks can only be given the background white, gray and pink. White background can also be combined with a gray frame.

The following colors will disappear:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Transparent (Text directly against image without color plate)

Teasers with expiring background color will get a white background when the new style applies.

Transparent color layers in teaser blocks will be expired

The following appearance settings of teaser block will be excluded in the new design:

  • Left adjusted transparent layer
  • Right adjusted transparent laye
  • Top transparent layer
  • Bottom transparent layer

All blocks with any of these settings will be converted into blocks with the "Media above content" view.

Teaser images in these blocks will appear above the rest of the teaser content. If the layer has an expired color, the color scheme will become white.

Example: The bottom transparent layer setting for teasers expires...

…and is replaced by the standard "Media Above content" setting. The gray background remains.

Example: Teaser with transparent right adjusted layer with blue color scheme.

The teaser setting expires and so does the color. Teaser shows the entire image and the rest of the content is displayed below. Note that the part of the image previously hidden in desktop view is now displayed.

Button and arrow appearance on links expire

You can no longer make text links appear with arrow icon or displayed as buttons.

Links with arrow or button settings will be converted into blue standard text links.

Review your pages with links appearing as buttons and decide if the links need to be rearranged on these pages.

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