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Service categories included in the agreement

Below, there is information on which posts are included in the various service categories and how to place call-off orders for each of these.

The call-off procedure is determined by ranking for all service categories. For service categories 1 & 2, Technical and administrative and Academic personnel (not seniorpositions) Academic Work is the supplier that is first in the ranking. For service category 3, Senior management positions Level Recruitment is the supplier that is first in the ranking.

Service categories

1. Technical and administrative personnel

  • Administrative personnel (administrators in the areas of education, finance, HR, communication, etc.)
  • Technical personnel (IT personnel, technicians, engineers, building managers, etc.)

2. Academic personnel (not senior positions)

  • Lecturers
  • Doctoral students
  • Researchers
  • Research engineers
  • Postdocs

3. Senior management positions

  • Heads of function – directors of various centres (or equivalent), heads/deans of school, administrative managers, heads of division, etc.
  • Specialists/key people/qualified administrators of groups such as in IT/technology and finance where there is great market competition (e.g. economists, developers, programmers, system specialists)
  • Senior academic personnel, e.g. assistant professors, associate professors and professors

Support in recruiting presidents or vice presidents is not included in the assignment that is the subject of the agreement.

Contact person at KTH

Maria Salling , recruitment manager, telephone +46 (0)8 790 70 80.