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Which job titles and function designations do we use at KTH?

Government agencies apply the job titles (occupation) used in the BESTA classification system. BESTA is the basis on which the duties of employees are grouped and reported for inclusion in joint salary statistics in the central government sector. BESTA, an abbreviation of the Swedish BEfattningsgruppering för STAtistik [Job Grouping for Statistical Purposes], has been developed jointly by the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and trade union organisations OFR/S, P, O, Saco-S and Seko. Government agencies are at liberty to establish local job titles, which KTH has done. These are compiled in the BESTA coding instructions for KTH .

All appointments at KTH must have a job title. When choosing a job title, you must base your selection on KTH’s BESTA coding instructions. Only one of the designations on the list may be used. There is also support on the recruitment permit in the form of a dropdown list from which you can select the appropriate job title for the recruitment in question.

Function designations differ from job titles in that the recruiting manager has greater leeway in choosing what to call the function. Function designations are chosen by the recruiting manager and should reflect and clarify the duties involved. Although there is no requirement to provide information on functional designations, such information generally explicates the duties of the function. If a function designation is stated, this will be displayed in the intranet profile. In the absence of a function designation, the job title will be displayed on the intranet.

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Last changed: Sep 13, 2021
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