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How should competence and suitability for the position in question be assessed?

The concept of competence is central to assessing the applicant’s suitability for the position in question. All relevant experience should be evaluated within the framework of competence to provide a qualitative overall assessment. The demands associated with the position as set out in the requirement profile are thus fundamental to determining which competences are taken into account and how these are weighted.

Significant factors when assessing competence include:

  • theoretical and practical education;
  • personal attributes such as goal attainment, leadership, collaborative ability, etc.; and
  • professional experience such as knowledge and experience acquired in other public or private-sector jobs or self-employment.

As stated above, personal attributes are considered when assessing qualifications. It is therefore important that the requirement profile includes the personal attributes you are looking for. The employer should also have given due to consideration to how these attributes are to be assessed in a manner that ensures objectivity. Should an appeal be lodged against an employment decision, it is crucial that the employer is able to give an account of well-reasoned assessment of the applicants. Here at KTH, we use a competence-based interview methodology to assess personal attributes in an objective manner. Learn more in the Swedish Agency for Government Employers’ handbook Anställning i staten (in Swedish) .

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