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What are the rules regarding supplementing application documentation?

As a public authority, KTH “shall give private persons the assistance they need to look after their interests. The assistance shall be given to the extent that is deemed appropriate with regard to the nature of the question, the private person’s need of assistance and the activities of the authority” (Section 6 of the Swedish Administrative Procedure Act (SFS 2017:900)).

If application documentation is incomplete and the deficiency can be easily remedied, KTH shall “work by means of questions and observations to ensure that the party clarifies or supplements” their application (Section 23 of the Administrative Procedure Act).

Applicants do not retain the right to retrospectively supplement their application. It is the duty of the applicant to ensure that their application is received by the deadline stated in the announcement. Applicants bear the principal responsibility for ensuring that their application is complete when submitted. Applications shall be submitted to KTH no later than 00:00 CET/CEST on the date of the deadline for applications.

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Last changed: Sep 28, 2021
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