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We would like to announce a position aimed primarily at applicants with a “junior” profile/level of experience. May we do so and, if so, how should we formulate the announcement?

This may well depend on what you mean by “junior”: do you mean in terms of age or experience? Age is one of the seven grounds of discrimination in the Swedish Discrimination Act (SFS 2008:567) and one that we, as a public authority, must not be guilty of. When preparing a requirement profile, it is important to discuss and consider why you are seeking someone inexperienced. Why is this necessary and what is the purpose of the appointment?

Regardless of why you are doing so, the word “junior” should be avoided in the announcement in both the text and headings. Rather, you can specify a number of years of experience or other requirements and levels thereof under the heading “Qualifications”, thus making plain that we are seeking a member of staff with “junior” experience.

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Last changed: Sep 20, 2021
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