Restriction of access to UG.KTH.SE outside KTH's network

Information on limiting access to UG.KTH.SE outside KTH's network

Time: Thu 2019-06-27 08.00

On June 27, all access to the UG.KTH.SE domain domain controllers will be restricted.
To be able to access UG.KTH.SE you will have to be on KTH's internal network or sit at KTH's eduroam.
If you are outside KTH you will have to use VPN to join the domain controllers.

Who is affected:
The change will affect the KTH Windows client environment and its communication with the domain controllers. This change will not affect the functionality of the KTH Windows clients.

Belongs to: KTH Intranet
Last changed: Jun 04, 2019