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Being new in Sweden might be a challenge

Time: Thu 2021-09-16 16.00 - 17.00

Location: Teknikringen 1

Participating: KTH Relocation

Being new in Sweden might be a challenge…

If you are planning on staying 8 months or longer in Sweden…

Once a month, we give a Q&A about being new in Stockholm and what KTH Relocation can do for you and you are most welcome to attend.

This meeting is relevent for those who have just arrived to KTH. We will meet in person at Teknikringen 1. We will keep a limit on the amount of participants and we expect to do another one in a few weeks' time.

Focus is on:

  • What to expect from KTH and your new workplace
  • What to expect from KTH Relocation & your housing
  • Insurance
  • Safety, at KTH and in the society
  • Benefits at KTH
  • Learning Swedish
  • Recycling
  • Spouses and partners
  • What you can do in Stockholm for fun

Bring your questions or forms you received (in Swedish) and we´ll sort things out together.

If you have a spouse, he or she is most welcome to attend.


Lotta and Lynessa

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