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Best practices to catalyze EU and industry collaborative research projects

You are most welcome to join this on-line workshop, arranged in collaboration between ICES (a KTH center), the KTH RSO, the KTH Digitalization platform and CASTOR (a KTH center). The aim of the workshop is to gather and discuss “best practices” for efficiently and effectively catalyzing new academia-industry collaborative research projects. A number of invited speakers will be sharing their experiences and we will be discussing these practices on how to improve efficiency in catalyzing collaborative research projects.

Time: Tue 2020-10-27 13.00 - 17.00

Location: Online event

Today, researchers often write proposals with little coordination and synergies. For the more applied research proposals we are considering here, and in particular EU-projects, this requires industrial collaboration. Many researchers will spend time to in an uncoordinated fashion contact companies, typically at a late stage. Overall, the average success rates of proposals is known to be relatively low. At the same time, several organizations have developed successful practices for catalyzing projects. Examples of best practices include industrial networks, strategic collaborations, sharing of winning practices (including proposals), and the use of dedicated “proposal brokers”. The latter involves having dedicated roles/persons with a close tie to researchers, related (industry) networks and relevant EU funding bodies, in order to efficiently support a larger group of researchers.

Given this background, the workshop is organized to share and discuss more systematic approaches to increase the changes of creating collaborative (EU) research projects.

The workshop will have a bias towards experiences related to collaborative projects involving academia and industry, typically EU-projects. General information from the KTH RSO and an outlook towards Horizon Europe will also be provided.

Date and time: 2020-10-27 – 13.00-17.00

Venue: On-line!


  • Introduction and purpose of the workshop (Martin and Anna)
  • Short talks: Best practices to set-up EU and industry collaborative research projects (Each: 10 mins +5 min discussion)
    • Christine Morin – INRIA 
    • Malin Rosqvist – RISE 
    • Martin Törngren – ICES center at KTH 
    • Anton Fuchs – Virtual Vehicle research center
  • Leg stretch (10)
  • Follow up on best practices
    • Evaluators perspective (10+5 mins) – Monica Schofield – TUTECH 
    • Panel discussion related to previous best practices (moderation and prepared questions) (30 mins)
  • Leg stretch (10)
  • KTH RSO perspectives: Anna Raask – KTH
    • Summary and outlook: Horizon Europe (10+5)
    • RSO support to proposals and projects, including strategy (10+5)
  • Discussions and next steps (30 mins)

Please Register for the workshop following this link! (google docs)

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