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Life and death of the car city

Welcome to an open online lunch lecture about the future of cars in cities.

Time: Mon 2020-10-26 12.15 - 12.45

Lecturer: Alexander Ståhle, urban researcher at KTH

Location: Online via zoom

Self driving car

Please note that tis lecture is held in Swedish.

In the early 1900's, the idea of ​​the car city was born. It was built and has created the cities we live in today. However, the idea had other consequences then intended: with congestion, life puzzles, injustices, environmental problems and death. Today, our society looks different. Trends show that we will have other cities in the future that are smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable.

Alexander Ståhle

Alexander Ståhle  is one of Sweden's foremost lecturers in urban development and has written the book Alla behöver närhet: Så blir framtidens städer (Everyone needs closeness: The future of cities).