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On-line Workshop on Sustainable Development 2020

This is the third interdisciplinary Workshop within the strategic partnership between the University of Tokyo and the Stockholm Trio
The workshop will be digital and the first day of the workshop will focus on the changes and the new circumstance that the pandemic has forced all of all the four universities to adapt to.

Time: Wed 2020-09-16 08.00 - Fri 2020-09-18 12.00

Location: Zoom


Torkel Werge

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What have we learnt and what action and experiences shall we keep for the future.
The second and third day will be divided into three themes, “The Brain and Society”, “Biomaterials”, and “Education for Sustainable Development.” Students, doctoral students, researchers, and staff are all welcome to join of the workshop, the first day or all the three days.

Day 1, Sept. 16, involving all participants will mainly deal with how the current COVID-19 epidemic is affecting society, international activities and relationships.
How do we do education, research collaborations and student exchanges under the current circumstances and what are the lessons learned and the new possibilities that we see for the future. We need to redefine this new ecosystem for research, education andDay 2 and Day 3 are devoted to three identified Themes for research and education for Sustainable Development:

Theme 1: The Brain and Society
The session will address the information handling processing of the brain, from molecular mechanisms to how the brains functions in interactions with other humans or even robots. We will bring together neuroscientist, psychologist, engineers and medical doctors to discuss how the brain handles and stores information of it’s surrounding, how this processing can go wrong and how new techniques can enhance brain capabilities.

Theme 2: Biomaterials
This theme will be separated into a track for Nanocellulose and for Nanobiomaterials respectively.
Nanobiomaterials: This session brings together intrinsically interdisciplinary scientists working in the fields of biomaterials, renewable biomaterials, and biosensing technologies, as well as experts in microbiology, infection, and neuroscience. Collectively, presenters in this session will demonstrate the relevance of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary sciences from a basic research perspective, while also putting the spotlight on the societal use of research results.
Nanocellulose: Nano-cellulose is an abundant renewable and green resource with an abundance of application; ultra-strong filaments, thickener of coatings and low sugar nutrients, nano-filters, light-weight insulators, or substrate for tissue growth. A versatility that roots in the nano-cellulose base structure and its many ways of organisation in material manufacturing. A complexity with still many unknowns that are tackled by the University of Tokyo, Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in a joint commitment to prepare the use of nano-cellulose for a biobased society. In this seminar senior Professor give a research activities overview and early stage researcher will present their recent answers to Material Performance and Application (September 17th) and Characterisation and Repeatability (September 18th) problems.

Theme 3: Education for Sustainable Development
The sessions will address education for sustainable development. During the first day it will be discussed what we understand with education for sustainable development and how education for sustainable development may be organized in different contexts. During the second day the focus will move to education and healthy aging from a sustainable perspective. The purpose of the two sessions is to come up with ideas for further cooperation.

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