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Four changemakers for sustainable fashion

The challenges facing our society today are vast. Meet four people who are leading the way to a more sustainable world, starting with something that affects us all: the fashion industry. On April 4th, KTH students, researchers and employees are invited to a lunch seminar with KTH Innovation.

Time: Thu 2019-04-04 12.00 - 13.00

Location: KTH Entré


Lisa Bäckman

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Meet Valentina Longobardo, who found a way of turning the billions of kilograms of stems, skins and seeds left over from Italy’s wine-production into a sustainable alternative to leather.

Meet Edwin Keh, a pioneer in finding solutions for recycling clothes, making it possible to turn your discarded shirt into a new one instead of throwing it in the trash where a majority of all textile waste ends up today.

Meet Tariq Fancy, giving sustainable ideas the resources they need to grow, as a sustainable investor.

Meet Gustav Notander, whose guidance and tools helps ideas and innovators find their road to creating impact in society and on the market.

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Tying them all together is the Global Change Award. Founded by the H&M Foundation, with KTH and Accenture as partners, this challenge aims to make the fashion industry sustainable and go from linear to circular.

Valentina Longobardo and her startup Vegea won the Global Change Award in 2017, in competition with thousands of others. Edwin Keh and Tariq Fancy are both members of the Global Change Award Expert Panel, tasked with the difficult job of choosing the winners. Gustav Notander is a Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation, supporting the winners of the Global Change Award in accelerating the development of their ideas.

Hear their thoughts on how to create a more sustainable fashion industry, and find out how you and your ideas can contribute.

When: April 4th, 2019, 12.00-13.00

Where: KTH Entré

For whom: Students, researchers and employees at KTH

The first 25 guests will get a lunch sandwich. 

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