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How the advancements in manufacturing automation are shaping a greener future

Sustainable Transformation Seminars

The Sustainable Transformation Seminars autumn 2022 series first seminar is held by speaker Antonio Maffei, with the title "How the advancements in manufacturing automation are shaping a greener future". The format is 25 minutes presentation and 20 minutes of guided and open discussion with a KTH moderator/host.

Time: Fri 2022-09-09 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Online

Language: English

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The Sustainable Transformation Seminars Autumn 2022 series is held monthly, usually on a Friday. The seminar series will continue to be online.

Seminar description

This talk will introduce the concept of industrial transformation as evolution of the previous concept of industrial revolution and highlights the central role of business models (BM) in this shift of perspective. The seminar will focus on one of the technological enablers of this transformation: automation. A brief technical and economical characterization of this domain will follow. The speaker will then discuss the meaning of sustainable BM in the manufacturing domain and introduce the current main understandings derived from the sharing and circular economy paradigms. The focal example will revolve around the history of manufacturing automation: special emphasis will be put on the increasing performances of such assets along dimensions far from the traditional measures of productivity. HW and SW advancement will be outlined to set the scene for presenting the current research and development trends leading to autonomous automation. Finally, the author will briefly outline of the concept “Automation as a service” as possible embodiment of a circular business model enabled by the sharing of automation resources.

After the seminar the listeners will, hopefully, have gained a novel perspective on how the current development in manufacturing automation technology and the consequent central role of novel business models are contributing to a greener future.


Antonio Maffei, Associate Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

Antonio Maffei. Photo: KTH

Antonio Maffei is an Associate Professor in production system with focus on business models at KTH, Sweden. His research interests include sustainable business model for novel automation technologies as well as autonomous system control, assembly systems and technology and cyber-security. Associate Prof. Maffei is also active in pedagogic research and development in the domain of constructive alignment, phenomenography and blended learning. Antonio has participated and often coordinated in excess of 10 national and international research projects and he has published over 60 scientific contributions in journals, books and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. He is passionate about teaching and likes to design and implement courses based on active learning. When not at work, Antonio likes to spend time with his family traveling or firing up the pizza oven.

Connection to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Antonio´s research in Automation and assembly technologies is inspired entirely by the SDG 12. In detail Antonio seeks to make manufacturing equipment “circular” by promoting technological advancement that would enable sharing of them among different stakeholders. In addition to that, his research supports a good balance between capital and labour manufacturing processes and thus directly contribute with target 8.2 and 8.4 within the SDG 8 as well as the whole of SDG 9. Finally, Antonio´s pedagogical activities and research aims at SDG4 Quality education. In particular Antonio´s projects focus on increasing sustainability (Erasmus+ MAESTRO and ICARUS) and accessibility (ERASMUS + Tiphys and BLISS) of education that are respectively Target 4.7 and 4.4. Antonio is also involved I a number of cooperation for capacity building for teachers in countries that need such skills: target 4.c.

Antonio Maffei , email: