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Inauguration of KTH's main building

On the KTH campus, 5100 square meters of learning environments have undergone a careful renovation with a focus on long-term sustainability, new pedagogical methods and new technology.

Time: Wed 2023-04-19 16.00 - 18.30

Location: Ljusgården i E-huset, Lindstedstvägen 3


Marika Strömberg Arkitekt SIR/MSA/MFA, projektledare

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Welcome to an opening of the newly renovated premises in KTH's main building!

Photo: Anders Bobert and Marika Strömberg

16.00 Opening speech by Ann Lantz, Professor, acting head of the EECS school.

16.45 Guided tour in Swedish, no registration.

17.30 Guided tour in English, no registration.

16.00-18.30 Slide show in E1.

KTH's campus was inaugurated in 1917, now over 100 years later, new educational environments are being inaugurated in the main building, the largest total area of ​​teaching environments on the KTH Campus.

The main building is one of the symbolic buildings on Campus with great value for KTH as a business. The building has a strategic location for the students with proximity to the city and public transport.

The target picture in the 2019-23 remodeling project has been worked out in workshops with a reference group from educators, teachers and students, White architects and KTH Sustainability and Realestate Department.
"A well-functioning and creative meeting place in a historical context".

The work was made together with Akademiska hus and a number of expert contractors, regarding to that the property is a building monument.