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Jump-start Production, make room for a green and circular restart

Production industry was heavily obstructed by the Covid-19 pandemic shut downs earlier this year. This eruption occurred simultaneously as the industry is facing its greatest challenge in our time, to sustain and transform into a conscious and sustainable production era.

Time: Fri 2020-12-11 12.00 - 13.00

Location: Online

The production sector is of great focus as the Agenda 2030 target dates for fulfillment are approaching. Companies embraces the circular economy as a means to achieve sustainability, accomplish CO2 reduction and resource minimization targets. The global shut down made the globalized commodity trade market aware of its vulnerability. Critical components and materials could not be reached and some actors had to close down. Circular production has now transformed from being a utopia to a strategic tool. How is Swedish production industry coping with circularity and what is needed in order to level up the transformation? These are some of the leading questions I would like to touch upon our discussion.

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Zuhara Chavez