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KTH Solar Power Research Center Initiative Kick-off Meeting


The sun.
Photo: Melissa Van Niekerk/Unsplash

We are happy to announce a solar power center initiative to gather all relevant researchers in this important and growing area. The first kick-off meeting is planned for a whole day with lunch. The event is a good opportunity to get an overall impression of this field's relevant projects and competencies. At KTH, there are many researchers actively working within both photovoltaic and solar thermal areas, covering a large span of technology readiness levels.

Time: Wed 2023-05-10 09.30 - 16.00

Location: Teknikringen 1, Gradängsalen floor 5, KTH Campus

Language: English

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09:30–09:40 Welcome and introduction

Assoc. Prof. Ilya Sychugov, KTH/SCI, coordinator; Dr. Rafael Eduardo Guedez Mata, KTH/ITM, vice-coordinator; Prof. Lina Bertling Tjernberg, KTH Energy Platform

09:40–10:30 Keynote: Materials and processes for photovoltaics at Terawatt scale

Prof. Pere Roca I Cabarrocas, Scientific Director of IPVF, France
Bio Pere Roca i Cabarrocas (pdf 121 kB)

10:30–10:40 Break

10:40–11:20 Invited: Agrivoltaic systems have the potential to avoid conflicts between Sustainable Development Goals

Assoc. Prof. Pietro Campana, Mälardalen University, SOLVE Competence Centre, Sweden

11:20–11:30 A research competence centre: Potential funding from KTH and agencies

Pierre Bodin, Senior Research Advisor, KTH Research Office

11:30–11:45 Industrial partner presentation: Midsummer

Dr. Esko Niemi, Midsummer AB

11:45–12:00 Industrial partner presentation: Absolicon

Dr. Joakim Byström, CEO, Absolicon Solar Collector AB

12:00–13:30 Lunch

13:30–13:50 Nanomaterials for Solar: semi-transparent PV, antireflection coatings, color PV, and up-conversion for NIR energy harvesting

Assoc. Prof. Ilya Sychugov, KTH/SCI; Prof. Anand Srinivasan, KTH/SCI; Dr. Haichun Liu, KTH/SCI

13:50–14:10 The chemistry and spectroscopy of emerging solar cell technologies

Assoc. Prof. James M. Gardner, KTH/CBH; Prof. Lars Cloo, KTH/CBH; Assoc. Prof. Ute Cappel, CBH

14:10–14:25 Materials for next-generation solar and circularity: Perovskite solar cells and recycling of PV modules

Prof. Liubov Belova KTH/ITM; Dr. Maryna Henrysson; Dr. Wujun Wang KTH/ITM

14:25–14:40 Coffee break

14:40–15:00 Solar energy in the building environment: technologies and systems. Introduction to KTH Live-in-Lab.

Assoc. Prof. Hatef Madani, KTH/ITM; Dr. Jonas Anund-Vogel, KTH/ITM

15:00–15:20 Large-scale solar power and storage: power plants and system infrastructure planning

Dr. Rafael Eduardo Guedez Mata, KTH/ITM; Assoc. Prof. Francesco Fuso Nerini, KTH/ITM

15:20–15:35 Combining low-temperature heating, heat storage, and solar power

Prof. Sasan Sadrizadeh, KTH/ABE

15:35–15:55 Solar power integration and lifetime modelling of electrical equipment. Electromagnetic compatibility of PV modules.

Prof. Lina Tjernberg KTH/EESC, Dr. Makarand Kane KTH/EESC

15:55–16:00 Conclusions


KTH Energy Platform organises the meeting with support from the KTH Research Support Office. Relevant calls for cooperation will also be presented.