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KTH Choir

Time: Mon 2019-10-14 16.30 - 18.30

Location: Sing-Sing

Participating: Helena Soluna Berggren

16.30 in Sing-sing Lindstedtsvägen 30. We sing together every two weeks for two hours.

Bring something to drink/eat for the break.

The Success continues! In KTH's staff choir, we learn singing technique, vocal singing, simpler improvisation and singing songs from all corners of the earth as well as the occasional pop-hits.

Singing together has always, and in all cultures, been used to promote community and provide strength and courage in all shifts of life. Singing is health promoting. After singing, stress, and fatigue is blown away and replaced by energy and joy of life!

Arranged by ERASMUS for integration and community. Emotion and expression are in focus. All levels are welcome!

Körledare är Helena Soluna Berggren, sångerska, låtskrivare, röstcoach, körledare.

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Last changed: Aug 16, 2019