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Lunch Seminar: Satellites

Time: Thu 2020-09-10 12.00 - 13.00

Location: KTH Entré

ChristerFuglesang, KTH

All those satellites! What they do and how they get there

There are close to 3000 active satellites today, but soon it will be 10-20 000. They give infrastructure to Earth, by observation, navigation and communication. More and cheaper rockets together with miniaturization of satellites is driving the trend. KTH Space center supports various activities at KTH involved in these trends. A particular application I´m looking at myself is solar sailing and if it possibly could help against global temperature increase.

Danai Katrali, KTH

A CubeSat student experiment

A student’s perspective on being part of one of KTH’s exciting student projects! B2D2 is participating in the German/Swedish REXUS/BEXUS program and our goal is to collect high-quality measurements of Earth’s magnetic field by using a self-deployable boom carrying the magnetometer sensors.

NilsPokrupa, OHB

Sweden isn't big - but it has a lot of SPACE

Considering this lovely country is just 10 million people, and a lot of forest and lakes, there is a lot of space activity! From a long tradition of plasma science, atmospheric science, IRF and sounding rockets, to now large and small space industries like OHB Sweden, RUAG, SSC, Gomspace and AAC Clyde, space is quite literally everywhere in Sweden. Specifically we'll take a look at Sweden and OHB Sweden's role in small satellites and new initiatives from ESA to build on these concepts!

When: 10 September, 12:00-13:00
Maximum 40 participants, free lunch sandwiches.

The event is primarily for KTH students due to the limited no of participants

Where: KTH Entré.

After the seminar you can find a recorded version .

Event poster (pdf 150 kB)