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Matchmaking Event: Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare Research Call 2024

HMT Project Call Region Stockholm/KTH

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Welcome to a matchmaking between Data Science and Medical/Clinical/Healthcare research, at KTH and Region Stockholm, related to the Health, Medicine, and Technology (HMT) Project Call 2024.

Time: Thu 2023-04-27 15.00 - 17.00

Location: SciLifeLab, Tomtebodavägen 23, Air&Fire Lecture hall

Language: English

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Following the success of a matchmaking event last year , we invite you to participate in another matchmaking event to find research partners for an upcoming call for collaboration in Health, Medicine, and Technology from the Region Stockholm and KTH. A key requirement to apply for the call is that one of the partners should be from the KTH and one from Region Stockholm.

The call: HMT 2024 project call page


We want to encourage collaborations between experts in data science and medical/clinical/healthcare research, and therefore arrange a matchmaking event to encourage contact between these fields, at KTH and Region Stockholm.

The purpose of this matchmaking event is:

  • bringing together researchers with expertise in data science and medical/clinical/healthcare research, respectively
  • making researchers aware of the opportunities and limitations of data analysis and experimental/clinical data
  • making researchers aware of the need for continuous and bi-directional interaction among data scientists, clinicians and healthcare researchers

We hope this event will facilitate your search for suitable research partners and help you prepare a strong grant application, for this call as well as for other future calls. 


The event is open for all researchers at KTH and Region Stockholm who are eligible to submit a grant proposal for the Health, Medicine, and Technology (HMT) Project Call. Postdoctoral researchers who can be co-PI are also encouraged to attend the event. 

What you need to do

  • Fill in the registration form
  • Provide us with two Powerpoint slides describing what you would like to do or can contribute with, or would like to have help with. These slides will be available to all participants before the workshop, to let everybody scan through the scope of the other participants, and they will help us form discussion groups. Please note: The slides are not needed at the registration, you will be asked to upload them one week before the workshop.
  • For those interested: prepare a two minute research pitch (based on your Powerpoint presentation) to present at the workshop

Where and when

Venue: SciLifeLab, Tomtebodavägen 23, Air&Fire Lecture hall, at the same floor as the main lobby
Date: Thursday on 27 April 2023
Time: 15:00-17:00, followed by mingle with light food and drinks


  • Information about the call and its scope
  • Short talks about experience in collaboration between clinicians and data scientists
  • Research pitches (2 min) based on your Powerpoint slides
  • Mingle (with light food and drinks)