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OPERADAX, KTH Academic Orchestra and soloists from the Operasection of SKH

Welcome to Operadax 2021!

Time: Fri 2021-10-22 19.30 - 22.00

Location: Kungasalen KMH (Kungliga Musikhögskolan), Valhallavägen 105


Music is all about feelings and communication. As an audience you want to enjoy beautiful music, performed by skilled musicians. The music should also touch you deeply. As a musician you are always aware of the atmosphere in the concert hall.

Is the audience happy, impressed, moved?

In this invisible, almost telepathic dialogue between audience and performers, we can create an emotional atmosphere where the time stands still and where we are able to find the depth of true music.

This is the one of the reasons why “live concerts” are so important and crucial for the art of music.

We are happy to present seven young singers from the The University College of Opera. For some of them this concert will be their debut, singing with an orchestra.

Raise the curtain, let the concert begin!

Mats Janhagen

Director Musices KTH

Please join the concert until 11 November:


KTH Academic Orchestra

Conductor: Mats Janhagen

Concert host: Christine Morgan


Solveig Bergersen

Niki Maria Bergman

Rebecka Elsgard

Lovisa Ferm

Martin Hillberg

Julia Holmgård Åkerberg

Kari Koskinen

Clara Simonsen Gunge

Majsan Dahling - Répétiteur 

Giuseppina Penta - Language coach

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