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Open lecture: Northern lights are greetings from the Sun

Northern lights have always excited mankind with their magic light, moving like curtains in the dark winter sky. Welcome to this open lecture which dwells deeper into this celestial phenomenon.

Time: Thu 2022-10-13 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Sydöstra Galleriet, KTH Biblioteket, Osquars backe 31

Language: English

Participating: Anita Kullen, Division of Space and Plasma Physics at KTH

Northern lights.

Scientists are equally fascinated, as the northern lights are nothing but a gigantic space weather monitor telling us what happened on the surface of the Sun just days ago. The solar origin is the reason why solar storms influence the location and brightness of northern lights. This allows us to predict when and where we can detect the next colourful light show in the night sky.

All this is explained in a talk by Assoc. Prof. Anita Kullen . She works at the division of Space and Plasma Physics at KTH, which was formerly called Alfvénlaboratory after the name of its famous founder.

This lecture is primarily for KTH students and employees, but everyone is welcome. No registration needed, just come by.

The first 25 listeners will get a free lunch sandwich.

Don't miss the exhibition Space Waves and a Tale  about Hannes Alfvén that is showing in the library entrance hall 4 October – 16 December.