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Quantum Criticality in Organometallic Spin Lego

Time: Thu 2019-03-28 14.00

Location: Albanova Universitetscentrum FA32

Participating: Martin Månsson

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Quantum phase transitions have been in the centre of attention for scientists world-wide to understand the universality of quantum critical behaviour in many-body systems. Gapped Heisenberg spin-½ systems have the potential to exhibit quantum critical phenomena in their excitation spectra as a function of e.g. magnetic field and pressure. In such compounds, tuning of the spin gap exercises a control of the ground state and enables the study of novel fundamental many-body phenomena. In this lecture I will give a brief overview on how we are able to build tailored spin compounds using organometallic frameworks and how to experimentally study their intrinsic properties using muon and neutron techniques. Finally, I will also show our future plans for how to use an organic materials data base (OMDB) to model, search and identify future interesting compounds for targeted synthesis and characterizations.


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