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Scilifelab-symposium in Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

The Advanced Light Microscopy facility at Science for Life laboratory cordially welcomes you to a symposium covering advanced applications of super-resolution fluorescence imaging from world leading experts

Time: Thu 2019-09-26 09.00 - 12.50

Location: ÅNGDOMEN, KTH library, Osquars backe 31

09:00 am: Structured Illumination Microscopy
Rainer Heintzmann – University of Jena, Germany

09:50 am: Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy
Mike Heilemann – University of Frankfurt, Germany


11:10 am: Superresolved dynamics and analysis
Sian Culley – University Central London, UK

12:00 am: Targeted superresolution imaging
Matthias Reuss – Abberior Instruments

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Hans Blom