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Seminar - How to implement an instrument onboard JUICE

ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer

Time: Tue 2023-04-04 15.00 - 16.00


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Participating: Jan-Erik Wahlund

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The most ambitious ESA planetary research project ever, JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE), has a planned launch on April 13, 2023. Its main targets are the three large icy moons Europa, Ganymede and Callisto orbiting around the gas giant Jupiter. The journey there will take almost 8 years, and 5 more years of detailed science is planned for. Toward the end the spacecraft will be put in orbit around Ganymede, where it finally will make a planned crash on the surface. Among the ten science instrument packages onboard JUICE, two are Swedish led. The long road of implementation of one of these instrument packages, the Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI), will be described, and the potential science it will hopefully do when it arrives at Jupiter