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Time: Fri 2019-09-20 17.00 - 19.00

Location: Södra Agnegatan 20

Knowing how to swim and being around water comes as second nature to most Swedes. Kids learn to swim at a young age, and as an adult, it is assumed you know how to swim. You can participate in many leisure activities in, around and on the water, if you know how to swim. Water is always nearby and to have basic (or even good) knowledge of swimming will make your social life more fun, give you self-confidence and you may find swimming a great form of exercise.
Knowing how to swim saves lives, not only your own, but even for those in your surroundings.

Would you like to try getting in the water, and learning more about swimming classes for adults? Please join us in this event, free of charge.

For two hours you will get introduced to swimming in an easygoing and friendly atmosphere with only KTH PhDs and post docs, and maybe some spouses.
The class will be held in English and all participants are beginners with no or very little experience swimming.
The class is gender mixed, but with separate changing rooms.

Afterwards, non-alcoholic beverages and vegetarian wraps will be served.

After the class, we will talk about the various options for you to continue with swimming classes by yourself at any of the indoor pools in Stockholm. If you are a KTH employee, you may even use your health allowance to pay for swimming lessons.

Friday Sept 6, Sept 20 or Oct 4 between 5 – 7 pm.
The address is Södra Agnegatan 20, (close to Kungsholmstorg)

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Last changed: Aug 16, 2019