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Literature search for your thesis or next publication

Welcome to a workshop on how to conduct structured literature searches in databases to find articles for your doctoral thesis or research project.

Time: Mon 2023-01-30 13.00 - 15.00

Location: Lallerstedt, KTH Library, Osquars backe 31. Registration required

Language: English

Participating: Magdalena Svanberg & Miritt Zisser, KTH Library

Register here

Student discussing with librarian

In the background of your thesis or article you want to include the most relevant and important research on your topic, but how can you be sure you found it?  

In this workshop we will go through the method of structured literature searching in databases. You will learn basic principles that are applicable in all databases. There will be time for working with searches on your own topic in a database of your choice and for asking questions. The target audience is doctoral students and researchers.  

During the workshop you will learn how to:  

  • construct a search strategy based on your research question    

  • adapt the search strategy to different databases   

  • improve a search, for example making it narrower or broader    

  • document and save a search and set up alerts  

The target audience for the workshop is researchers and doctoral students and the language is English. Doctoral students and researchers at other universities are welcome to sign up. Please note you might not have access to all databases that we use during the workshop.  

The workshop will also be held in Zoom on Feb 10.

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