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Summer School – MAX IV in Focus

Students interested in synchrotron radiation scientific applications are welcome to participate (free of charge) in the 2020 MAX IV Summer School in Synchrotron Radiation – MAX IV in Focus – organised by MAX IV Laboratory and Chalmers University of Technology.

Time: Mon 2020-06-08 - Tue 2020-06-16 01.00

Location: Backagården and MAX IV Laboratory

Participating: Organised by: Max IV Laboratory and Chalmers University of Technology

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Last registration day is 1 April 2020

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The summer school aims to present to the students the current possibilities and potential offered to the MAX IV synchrotron light source users.

A proper understanding of synchrotron facilities and why they are such a useful tool for research is important among the present and future user communities to increase the relevance and quality of the synchrotron radiation-based science.

The program in this MAX IV in Focus summer school includes lectures on topics such as accelerators, synchrotron radiation, the interaction of X-rays with matter, instrumentation, imaging, scattering and spectroscopy techniques, coherence, open science practices at MAX IV (EOSC, EXPANDS) and more.

We will cover a general and wide overview but also showcase specific and detailed examples. The school includes, besides lectures, also exercises and hands-on practicals at the MAX IV beamlines.

The school offers a valuable opportunity for the students to mingle and network with synchrotron interested students, with the lecturers and with the participating MAX IV scientists.

We kindly invite students interested in Synchrotron Radiation scientific application to the 2020 MAX IV Summer School – MAX IV in Focus. Researchers are also welcome if they provide a strong motivation for participation.


Marianne Liebi, Chalmers
Ana Labrador, MAX IV