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Swimming course

Time: Sun 2021-10-31 18.30 - 19.00

Location: Oasen swimming pool Träning Kungsholmen

Knowing how to swim and being around water comes as second nature to most Swedes. Kids learn to swim at a young age, and as an adult, it is assumed you know how to swim. You can participate in many leisure activities in, around and on the water, if you know how to swim. Water is always nearby, to be able to swim will make your social life more fun, give you self-confidence, and you may find swimming great form of exercise! 

Knowing how to swim saves lives, not only your own, but even for those around you.

Starting October 31 and for 8 weeks KTH offers a highly subsidized swimming course for staff members and scholars. The group is solely for KTH researchers, scholars, and spouses.
No children, just adults.

Where; Oasen swimming pool Träning Kungsholmen | Oasen Bad & Motion ( at Gjörwellsgatan 34 (bus no 4 and no 1 stops right outside)
When; Sundays at 18.30-19.00, starting October 31
Cost; You pay 1200SEK and KTH subsidize 1.000SEK (you may use the sports allowance from KTH to cover your costs)
Provider; a well-established private swimming club in Stockholm. 

The course is suitable for people with no or very little knowledge of swimming / being in the water.

There will be one instructor for every 4 participants and they will have plenty of time to focus on each participant.

You will not only learn a new skill, this is also a good opportunity to broaden your network, get to know some new colleagues and make new friends.

Please register no later than October 20.
Seats are limited.

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Last changed: Oct 06, 2021