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Webinar: Crossing Borders with Tatsuro Goda - “Biomimetics in NanoBio-engineering”

Time: Wed 2020-11-11 09.30

Location: Zoom

We are happy to welcome Tatsuro Goda to give a talk with the following abstract:

Molecular design and structure found in nature and living organisms can be applied to the development
of functional biomaterials and biointerfaces. Two topics are introduced in this seminar:
phospholipid–mimicking polymers for direct penetration into cells and biomimetic ligands for biosensing.
Cell-penetrating polymers find applications in the efficient delivery of therapeutic agents to the cytoplasm. Biomimetic ligands incorporated into conducting polymers enable sensitive, selective, and robust
biosensing, suitable for point-of-care and wearable applications.

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Host: Agneta Richter-Dahlfors

Most welcome,

Agneta Richter-Dahlfors
Professor KI & KTH
Director AIMES


Ulrica Edlund
Professor KTH & Affiliated KI
Vice Director AIMES

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