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What's a recruiter's mindset?

Time: Wed 2019-11-06 16.30 - 19.30

Location: Brinellvägen 8, Kollegiesalen

Participating: Tina Persson

What is a recruiter? And why should you bother? Recruiters are not only for CEOs! They could be your personal job PT. In the future we might have a personal trainer, coach and recruiter...OR?

Have you ever been contacted by a recruiter? That is a question Tina Persson asks PhD students, postdocs and researchers in her workshops and seminars. Usually the answer is “No!” And if they have been in contact with a recruiter, they are usually disappointed and feel they are misunderstood. Trained academics are not familiar with the line of questioning and/or how to pass different psychometric tests. Her experience as a Headhunter is that many academics need to learn communication skills and have a business mind-set in order to understand the behavior of the Headhunter, who is a businessperson. In her seminar she will explore the recruiting business from a business perspective for academics. She will also go through why it is important to explore your own personality in terms of soft and transferable skills. Help the recruiters to understand YOU and they will consider YOU as a prospective employee. That could be a good investment for your future career development.

The following perspectives will be considered:

· What is a recruiter?

· Why must you help the recruiter?

· What kind of candidates are recruiters looking for?

· Who is a perfect candidate?

· What tools are recruiters using and why should you be bothered?

· Social media and recruiters and ME?

The seminar is held by the professional headhunter Tina Persson and lasts for three hours.

Please be aware that the spaces are limited.

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