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Workshop for the network KTH Food Sustainability

Food sustainability is one of the main challenges that our society is facing and ensuring the food chain supply in terms of quality, security, safety, and affordability are priorities. Food production has a strong impact on climate change, biodiversity, water and soil quality. Additionally, addressing the impact of food on nutrition and well-being is fundamental in terms of public health.

Time: Wed 2019-03-13 09.00 - 13.00

Location: Salongen, KTH main library


Erica Dawn Egan

This workshop is directed to all researchers and teachers at KTH with interest in sustainability along the food supply value chain, including sustainable food production and consumption, functional food products towards improved nutrition and health, and utilization of residual agricultural by-products and food waste.

The overall aim is to consolidate the network KTH Food Sustainability as a visible research, educational and outreach platform integrating the currently scattered efforts at KTH. Four areas of interest have been identified related to the current food sustainability challenges: Sustainable Food Production and Consumption, Food Protection and Safety, Food Quality and Health, and Food Processes and Waste Management. This workshop will provide the arena for stimulating discussions, in order to engage the interested participants in the network and catalyse future collaborations.

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Workshop for the network KTH Food Sustainability, 13 March

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