Regarding the Corona virus

Updated February 4

Published Jan 27, 2020

Due to questions and concerns regarding the Corona virus the management at KTH issues the following recommendation:

Anyone travelling to or from China should stay updated om the current situation and recommendations from recognized authorities. If you are currently in China, follow instructions issued by local authorities.

Anyone arriving from China and experience signs of flu or a cold within 14 days should immediately get in contact with the health care system by phone, 1177.

Employees arriving from the city of Wuhan and the Hubei province should be recommended and given the possibility to work from home or in a separate space for 14 days after arriving in Sweden, with unaltered pay. The employee should get in contact with his or her manager by phone or e-mail. An agreement should be made between employee and manager regarding duties to be performed and how long term negative consequences for the employee should be avoided. 

Students arriving from the Hubei province should be recommended not to visit KTH for 14 days after arrival in Sweden. Students should get in contact with the School’s student office. The school should make sure that possible negative long term consequences for the student are avoided, for example by offering the possibility to sit an exam at another time than during these 14 days.

KTH also recommends to avoid receiving visitors from the Hubei province until further notice.

If you have any questions regarding your own health, please get in contact with the Swedish health care system by telephone, visit  (Swedish), other languages , or call 1177.

KTH continues to monitor the situation.

Kjell Carli, Communications strategist, Communications and Business Liaisons, GVS

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Last changed: Jan 27, 2020