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Only 1 out of 4 Professors is a woman

Published Apr 10, 2019

“Women make up half of all students, doctoral students and lecturers at the country's universities and colleges. Despite this, three out of four professors are men. ”It is the main message in the foundation Allbright’s report that addresses women's difficulties in making an academic career, and received media attention this week.

Of the 17 universities examined, KTH ends up second last.

"In academia, discrimination is often expressed through what is not happening. That you are not quoted or invited. That you become invisible. It is devastating," says Anna Wahl, professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and vice president for gender equality at KTH.

"The lack of female Professors also jeopardizes the reputation of the higher education institution and the future of technology development," says Chalmers’ President Stefan Bengtsson in a commentary to TT since the university ended at the bottom of Allbright's list.

According to Matilda Ernkrans, (S), Minister for Higher Education and Research, the goal is to recruit as many women as men as professors in 2030:

“I think we need to find new ways, with carrot-and-stick principles, in order for us to reach an even higher commitment and an increasing number of women that achieve professorships.”

Read the full report here (Swedish)

Watch TV feature with Anna Wahl (Swedish)

Text: Anna Gullers

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Last changed: Apr 10, 2019