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Learn more about Swedish history

View of Södermalm in Stockholm and Stockholm State Museum.
Stockholm stadsmuseum
Published Jan 31, 2020

Spend the afternoon at the Museum of Stockholm and learn about Stockholm and Sweden, from the glorious days of the Swedish Empire, to Sweden being one of the poorest countries in Europe and on to the Sweden of today.

Our guide, Eva, is a superb storyteller; competent, fun and sharp and you will learn a lot, regardless if you are new to Swedish history or if you are a Swede and learned about Swedish history in school.

The event is one hour guided tour and one hour is a quiz, a great exercise to team people up.

On February 6 at 16:30-18:30.

Registration is required and seats are limited.

Please register here

Lotta Rosenfelt at HR/Relocation, GVS

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