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Information for approvers (”sak-” and/or ”ekonomisk attestant”)

Published Mar 18, 2020

Information regarding eventual illness and other absence, for approvers (”sak-” and/or ”ekonomisk attestant”) in our system for electronic invoice handling, EFH!

With the purpose of making sure KTH:s flow of payments don’t come to a halt, I ask all who work with approving invoices (“sakattestant/ekonomisk attestant”) to handle your own invoices as much as possible. Our experience has shown that when many people activate their replacements the chain of payment can become very slow and invoices are paid too late.

The reason we want to further secure KTH:s payment process is to minimize the risk that KTH negatively affect the suppliers financial situation. KTH have many smaller suppliers and many of them are already facing major challenges as a result of Covid-19.

Some invoices require the approver/“sakattestant” to add attachments and other additional information. It is good if you have the possibility to do so. If not, then please write a comment that this will be sent at a later time. Inform those in charge of finances at your school or the person who is your bookkeeper/“ekonom i flödet” (the step after approver/“sakattestant”) so this can be monitored.

During this period we will watch the flow of payments more closely and will aid the schools and GVS when needed.

I would also like to ask you all to be observant and look out for possible attempts at fraudulent payments.

Thank you for your help!

Susanne Odung, Head of Finance KTH

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Last changed: Mar 18, 2020