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Monthly employer's declaration on an individual level

- New from the Swedish Tax Agency as of 1 January 2019

Published Dec 10, 2018

From 2019, employers need to report salary- tax- and benefit data monthly on an individual level to the Swedish Tax Agency. Due to this, KTH will not be able to adjust tax retroactively. This also applies to adjustment decisions and the decision from the Taxation of Research Workers Board.

Every employee will need to contact the Tax Agency to be able to get a tax reimbursement early. A detailed report on an individual level in the PAYE tax declaration is, according to the Swedish Tax Agency, an effective way to ensure that the correct data is reported.

Important for you to consider:

It is becoming even more important that you, as a manager or employee, submit documents that affect salaries in due time, such as employment contracts, leave of absence, benefits or other deductions. When there is a debt, the gross salary shall be paid back to KTH, i.e. both paid salaries and paid taxes.

Here you can see your information from the employer:

You will be able to view the submitted information by logging in to the Tax Agency's My Pages . If you are not able to use My Pages, you can call the Swedish Tax Agency and they then send the information to your address of residence. Alternatively, you can visit a service office and provide proof of identity.

The service on My pages opens according to the Swedish Tax Agency in February 2019.

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Last changed: Dec 10, 2018