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The pros teach you how to skate

Anton Haga Lööf and Oskar Ringström at Östermalm IP. They are wearing hockey equipment with the KTH logo on and they drink something from mugs.
Anton Haga Lööf and Oskar Ringström from KTH Hockey. Photo Tony Wallin.
Published Jan 28, 2020

When the ice hockey association KTH Hockey arranged skating school for KTH's employees, it was a success. Nearly 50 participants, mostly foreign researchers and post docs, received a skating lesson from 12 real professionals on the ice. Now, employees at KTH have received a second chance to be coached by them.

Why skating school for KTH’s employees?

Many skaters at Östermalm's IP.
Östermalm's sports ground is close to the KTH Campus. Photo: Tony Wallin.

"Many Swedes have known how to skate since they were children. However, for those who have never seen snow or ice it becomes a fun experience that we in KTH Hockey are happy to be a part of. “At the same time, it encourages people to get involved in sports," said David Östlin, president of the club.

Skating school is an initiative that was born within the association and everyone on the team finds it fun to contribute to this kind of inclusive activity at KTH. Skating school has previously been offered to KTH’s international students.

What is required from the participants?

"Being fearless is a good attitude, because everyone falls. “The combination of good coordination and courage is the best prerequisite for learning how to skate quickly,” says David Östlin.

Most of the participants were beginners. Some had tried roller-skating before. Some learned very quickly and were able to skate on their own at the end of the lesson.

All instructions are given in English. You get to try standing on the ice and finding your balance and then gradually skate across the ice with the support of a hockey player. “We are practicing on bending our knees and make bubbles on the ice," says David Östlin.

Shareq Mohd Nazir and David Östlin on the ice wearing hockey helmets.
Shareq Mohd Nazir together with KTH Hockey Chairman David Östlin. Photo Tony Wallin.

Shareq Mohd Nazir is Assistant Professor at the CBH School. He arrived in Sweden and KTH in early November 2019.

Why did you sign up for skating school?

"Mainly for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to try skating, especially with instructions from KTH's hockey team. Secondly, I thought it was a good opportunity to spend time with other employees at KTH.

What did you learn?

"Personally, I managed to take baby steps with the skates on the ice. KTH Hockey's members were very friendly and patient with us.

Will you continue skating?

“I'm pretty sure I’ll train and try to get better.” The initial feeling was very positive.

Words: Marianne Norén

Sign up for Learn how to skate

Helmets and skates are available at Östermalm's sports ground. Participants cover the cost of renting the skates themselves, which is 60 SEK. Warm clothes and gloves are needed when the training takes place outdoors. Östermalm’s IP is located within practical walking distance, roughly 15 minutes from KTH Campus.

The event is free for employees and everyone is welcome. The next session is held on February 8 at 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Sign up for the ice skating school here

The skating school is organized by KTH Relocation and KTH Hockey. The event is free for employees and everyone is welcome. Contact: Lotta Rosenfeldt

About KTH Hockey

The association was founded in 2011 and has 30 members who play in the Division 3 series and in the university hockey league. The players are students at KTH with the exception of a few alumni or PhD students. The home arena is Östermalm’s IP.

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