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Election to the Faculty Council - candidates

Published Feb 28, 2019

A new Faculty Council, including a Dean and Vice Dean, is to be elected in February for the period July 2019 - June 2023 through an election involving KTH teachers with voting rights. Seven teacher representatives are elected to the Faculty Council, including a Dean and Vice Dean who are appointed by the President.

A hearing with the candidates will be held on 28 March 2019, 15.00-17.00 in Kollegiesalen, Brinellvägen 8.

The election is conducted electronically during the period 1-7 April 2019. Information regarding the procedure is sent out by e-mail to those with voting rights 21 March 2019.

The Election Committee's proposals

The Election Committee proposes the following persons as teacher representatives within the Faculty Council:

Anders Forsgren

As Dean of Faculty:

Anders Forsgren, Professor, School of Engineering Science (SCI)

"KTH is a place where there is a lot of energy and high competence. We have students, faculty members and many other employees with strong desires and high ambitions who, together, form KTH. There is a balance between line organization and collegial leadership. It is especially important that there is a constructive balance and that we work together for a cohesive KTH. The faculty should have a good working environment and the possibility of freedom of choice in research and teaching. It is also very important that the faculty feels complicit in decisions at all levels.

We live in a time where efficiency and quick solutions are required in many situations. KTH's development as a leading technical university is entirely dependent on the competence, commitment and work environment of its employees. In much of what we do there are no quick fixes, we have to work with considerable patience, at a high scientific level and with accuracy.

I have experience in recruitment and faculty issues linked to my role as Vice Dean at the School of Engineering Sciences for nine years. If I am elected, I would like to use this experience to continue working for a cohesive KTH. I don't know all of KTH, but I'm looking forward to learning more."

As Vice Dean of Faculty:

Sofia Ritzén

Sofia Ritzén, Professor, School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)

"I believe that universities and, in particular, a university such as KTH, which trains engineers and conducts technical and scientific research, have an important role to play in the transformation of society towards sustainable development. In this context, KTH needs a faculty that is involved in the university's development beyond the fact that it conducts excellent research and education. Quality aspects of research and education include several components, such as how well it promotes sustainable development and ensuring such quality is a continuous challenge for KTH.

I would like to contribute to KTH having a committed faculty that is characterised by diversity and inclusion and which has an innovation capacity that is significant for the future."

As members:

Elena Dubrova

Elena Dubrova, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Elena Dubrova profile   

"The future is in the hands of research. Through the Faculty Council we have the opportunity and the responsibility to create the best possible conditions for our teachers, researchers and students. With over 20 years of experience working at KTH, I want to help strengthen the faculty from within. I am grateful for my nomination and hope to continue to pursue questions regarding improved quality in research and teaching.

I want KTH to be at the cutting edge internationally and for us to be proud of everything that is "Made in KTH". We need to offer a creative and inclusive work environment to produce top results. Everyone at KTH should be offered an inspiring climate where they can focus on achieving amazing results. "

Gunnar Karlsson

Gunnar Karlsson, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Gunnar Karlsson profile   

"My view is that the Faculty Council should pursue questions about the long-term development and quality of our operations. I have been involved in the digitisation of higher education, both in relation to our courses and our membership in edX, and for KTH to become a leader in continuing and further education. Life-long learning is needed by our alumni and other engineers, as well as other professionals who need digital skills.  

KTH's research is outstanding internationally. We need to look at the conditions for researchers, such as basic funding and the expectations in relation to the research conducted. Increased basic funding is important if it can be linked to the quality of the resulting research and collaboration.

If I have the privilege to be part of the Faculty Council, I will promote: the role of the faculty in creating the future of KTH, increased digitisation, and work specifically to improve the quality of KTH's courses and research.​

Joakim Lilliesköld

Joakim Lilliesköld, Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Joakim Lilliesköld profile

"I have been a member of the Faculty Council for almost a year, it is an important body that can influence how KTH develops and is governed. KTH is currently undergoing major organizational changes and in this change journey the Faculty Council fulfils an important role in looking at the faculty's conditions without being stuck within the boundaries of the line organization.

Quality systems is a particularly important issue for me. As a Director of first and second cycle education I have previously been responsible for both the EAE and the HSV12 evaluation in one of KTH's schools, which required major efforts on the part of the organization. Developing our quality system is important for KTH, but it is also important that we focus on quality development without putting too much stress on the organization. For me, simplicity is important in all systems and processes built.

It is KTH's faculty that makes us an international top university, so we must always work to make the most of the faculty's potential."

Anna Finne Wistrand

Anna Finne Wistrand, Professor, School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)
Anna Finne Wistrand profile

"I think that many positive things have happened at KTH in recent years. I am proud of working at KTH and I love the drive of many of our people.

There is a development plan for 2018-2023 that contains many great ideas. I want to contribute to KTH's development by seeing the individual, and by ensuring that as teachers, we are praised for good teaching and support when needed, and as researchers, we are allowed to be researchers/supervisors.

If we promote an environment where good teaching pays off and where innovative research generates new socially beneficial products/methods, KTH's development will be positive."

Nina Wormbs

Nina Wormbs, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)
Nina Wormbs profile

"I want to focus on what it means to be employed as a researcher and teacher at a university or college. It is different from working in a company, and this should be more noticeable. In our role as academics, we have both privileges and responsibilities, and forums to discuss these, among colleagues, should be developed. I also believe that we can develop the collegiality at KTH through such conversations and meetings.

We must also work on quality issues, while we should realise that filling in yet another form is not necessarily the best solution. The risks of trying to calculate quality have been pointed out for a long time, but only now does there seem to be an opportunity to challenge this, placing more emphasis on trust. This is an opportunity that we should take."

Additional valid nominations are:

Bo Cederwall

Bo Cederwall, Professor, School of Engineering Science (SCI)
​​​​​​​Bo Cederwalls profile

“I am inspired by the fundamental principles of democracy, intellectual independence, and freedom in academic leadership. Nearly 25 years at KTH and a large international network have given me perspective on what is already very good at KTH, and where we have the potential to become better. It concerns sharpening our excellence in research and education, increasing our innovative power, to forcefully implement active measures for gender equality and diversity, and to increase the democratic elements in the academic decision making processes in order to achieve a higher involvement from the faculty in KTH’s strategic development.”

Andrew Martin

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Andrew Martin, Professor, School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Andrew Martins profile ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“Diversity in all of its forms is a strength at KTH. It manifests itself in the variety of research and teaching environments, and with the individuals who work and develop within them. Whether you peer into a lab, crack open the door to a classroom, or participate in a work meeting with colleagues, you will find countless examples of KTH’s high ambitions and excellence as a university and academy.

Highlighting diversity is key towards ensuring KTH’s place among the best universities of the world. Therefore we need to harness the driving force that exists within our entire organization and encourage initiatives at various levels, in line with our overarching strategic goals.

If elected to the KTH Faculty Council, I will work towards promoting these issues.”

Mihai Mihaescu

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mihai Mihaescu, Associate Professor, School of Engineering Science (SCI)
​​​​​​​Mihai Mihaescus profile ​​​​​​​

”KTH is playing a crucial part in shaping our society by forming generations of engineers and specialists that are going to address the current and future societal challenges. Therefore, research, teaching, and research-driven education processes ought to be developed and carried out in a manner that ensures quality and promotes sustainability. I believe that today’s societal challenges can be best addressed through cross-disciplinary, high-quality research that involves industry and all other responsible stakeholders.

I hope to have the chance to use my experience to constructively work towards a better, positive working climate at KTH, focusing on promoting KTH’s core values, and contributing to a continuous and beneficial development of faculty. This will enable KTH teachers and researchers to adopt a better approach to deal with the challenges faced by being exposed to a highly demanding and dynamic environment.”

Daniel Tesfamarian Semere

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Daniel Tesfamarian Semere, Associate Professor, School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
​​​​​​​Daniel Tesfamarian Semeres profile ​​​​​​​

“KTH is characterized by excellence and it is important that there is a strong faculty that supports and advances it. With the ongoing rapid transformations towards a sustainable and digital society, the impact of the faculty's contribution is far reaching and global.

To be a member of the faculty council, which works to promote a good academic environment, is a privilege with all accompanying responsibilities. I have several years of experience working with faculty issues, as a teacher, researcher, program manager and as member of the school’s research education committee.

The needs and expectations of the Faculty Council, to further advance KTH's position, I believe, I have them. I’m honored for having been nominated and I do hope that it will give me the opportunity to offer my experiences.”

Johan Silfwerbrand

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Johan Silfwerbrand, Professor, School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)
​​​​​​​Johan Silfwerbrands profile ​​​​​​​

"Education, research and co-operation are all important. However, we may state that it is the BSc, MSc, and PhD education that makes the university unique. I have the education matters very much at heart. Since a couple of years, I am the impact responsible person at my school. I have actively worked for making both education and co-operation heavier when evaluating merits at recruitment and promotion. If elected to FR, I will continue the work with these matters.

The need of improved financial possibilities for PhD students and PhD student projects is something that unifies us all at KTH.

According to our policy, KTH ought to be bi-lingual. Use Swedish parallel to English. Help all newcomers to get access to the Swedish language, which is the key to the Swedish society.

I am professor in bridge design but concrete is my specific field.Since slightly more than four years, I am heading the Dept. of Civil and Architectural Engineering . In a board or council, I am not nervous for expressing my mind but I always try to do it objectively and friendly."

Voting rights

In the election of Faculty Council members that represent teachers and researchers, those eligible to vote must work at least 50 per cent of full-time in one of the following positions:

  • indefinite appointment as professor, associate professor, lecturer or researcher 
  • appointment as assistant professor
  • fixed-term appointment of at least two years as teacher on the basis of artistic merits

About the election

To be valid the vote shall either have 7 candidates marked, or be blank, and be handed in, via the internet-based ballot, during the period 01/04/2019-07/04/2019.

The President of KTH confirms the election result when the votes have been counted. Candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected as members of the Faculty Council. If the number of votes are equal the underrepresented gender should be given preference, otherwise it will be decided by lot. The counting of votes is reported in a protocol.

The election can not be declared invalid due to low polling.

The result will be published on 11/04/2019.

More information regarding the election will be sent out by e-mail to those with voting rights on 21 March 2019.

Information regarding the election can be found on the intranet:

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