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Report of a serious incident/near-miss - COVID-19

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Read more about serious incidents due to exposure to the coronavirus at arbetsmiljö  

If an employee has been exposed to COVID-19 in connection with work, the employer is obliged to, without delay, report it to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). A serious incident/near-miss must also be reported if an employer subsequently becomes aware that an employee has been exposed.

A report must only be made if exposure has taken place in connection with work (this may in specific cases also mean when working remotely), not if the exposure has taken place on the way to or from the workplace.

How do I know that the exposure took place in connection with work?

There is a general spread of the coronavirus in society, and therefore it can be difficult to know where an employee who has contracted COVID-19 has been exposed to the virus.

To find out if an employee has been exposed to the coronavirus, the employer needs to investigate whether such an event occurred in connection with work performed. To help, there is the risk assessment that you have established where you noted the tasks that involve a risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus.

If, after an investigation, you are unsure whether the employee has been exposed to the coronavirus in connection with work, you can inform about this in the report.

What does exposure to the coronavirus mean?

  • that the exhaled air from a person suspected or found to be infected with COVID-19 is inhaled by an employee.
  • contact with dried drops containing virus, so that the virus reaches the mouth, nose or eyes via the hands, for example.
  • that an employee performs tasks where physical distancing has not been possible near a person who is suspected or found to be infected with COVID-19.
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Last changed: Aug 26, 2021