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KTH Active together

On May 18 – June 21 we run ”KTH ACTIVE TOGETHER” again! It is a fun challenge where we cheer and support each other to work out. Everyone can join on equal terms, regardless of fitness level.

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How it works

”KTH ACTIVE TOGETHER” is all about cheering each other to work out on regular basis because we know it helps people to get healthier, happier and less stressed. This will also be a new way of socializing and an easy way to keep in contact with the colleagues. This is especially important during times of extensive remote working and lack of contact with others. ”KTH ACTIVE TOGETHER” is a joint initiative between KTH and its trade unions.

Register for the competition no later than May 17 via the link below.

Sign up as team or individual on We+


On the starting day you will receive a ”How it works” e-mail with a login link with We+ as sender. After three clicks every one is up and running and meet their team online who will cheer each other during the challenge.

In the We+ social feed users post their workouts. With photos, videos and encouraging comments, colleagues support and cheer each other. When, where and how they work out is free of choice.

For everyone

All types of workouts are worth the same. Any workout ≥ 30 min. with at least moderate effort and noticeable accelerated heart rate counts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a power walk, yoga session or running and all workouts are equally worth no matter length and intensity.


Teams within the KTH compete against each other in average number of workouts per week, greatest improvement, best pep and best individual. After finish, winning teams and individuals earns fame and awards.

Good to know

If you sign up as individual you will join a team of 8-20 colleagues near you. In the We+ web app you will find details and game rules. Do you have questions? Please contact

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