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Questions and answers

General info

Who shall take part in the survey?

The criteria for taking part in the survey are that you have held at least a 40% position at KTH for the past 3 months. Including doctoral students financed in some way other than through doctoral employment.

How long will it take to complete the questionnaire?

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire and you can take a break and return to the questionnaire later. You will then come to the start page first and then to the next question to be answered.

When I click the link it says I've already submited my response even though I have not.

The reason could be that you have received the email forwarded to you by a colleague, or that you have forwarded it to a colleague that have used your link.

Please contact to reset your survey and get a new link. Also contact the colleague/s that are affected and tell them to reset their surveys.

I would like to change my response. Is it possible?

As long as you haven't saved your answer it is possible to go back. When you close the survey, even though you have not finalized it, your responses are automatically saved and no longer open to changes.

I am a manager, which is my immediate working team?

When you respond to the questionnaire you relate to your immediate working team, the group where you operate the major part of the time. To most managers this is the group you are supervising. Your response will not be part of the working teams's result, it will be shown on the level above. 

For some statements it reads department/group as the concepts, how should I respond then?

Make your assessment based on the unit where you work and take in account what has been most accurate during the last three months.

Anonymity and background variables

Can I be certain that my answers are anonymous?

Yes, your answers are anonymous. Answers are collected and compiled by our external supplier Quicksearch. Managers and their staff then receive aggregated results for their section/ group/unit /equivalent. At least ten people needs to have filled out the questionnaire in order for a team to receive a separate report.

How will the background variables be used in the survey?

In the survey we use the background variables position, gender and age. You do not need to provide this information yourself in the questionnaire because background variables are retrieved from the HR+ and from LADOK for people who work here but are not employed. By using background variables we can see if there are differences in how different groups perceive their work environment.

May the background variables affect my anonymity?

No. The background variables are used only for analyses at overall level, managers or teams may not see these. When breakdowns are made using background variables, the anonymity restriction is the same as for teams, i.e. there will be no results if there are fewer than ten answers. Your answers can therefore never be linked to you as a person on the basis of gender, age or position. The positions that are used are technical/administrative personnel, doctoral student, researcher and teacher.

Is it possible to find out which employees didn’t complete the questionnaire?

No. It is not possible to see which employees have completed the questionnaire, only the proportion of members of a team who did not fill out the questionnaire. This allows us to calculate the response frequency.

Is there any risk of me being identified by my manager if I write a comment of my own?

No. HR at your school and HR at the central Personal department are the only ones who have access to the respondents’ comments. All text responses are reviewed and unidentified if needed. Although it is possible for them to break down the responses at team level if there are more than ten respondents in the team.


The team’s report contains averages for each question. Statistical dispersions showing how many people chose which answers are shown only on an overall level (institution/department or equivalent and in total for KTH).

My team contains of less than ten people so we will not receive a report of our own. Is there any point for me submitting the questionnaire?

Yes. All answers are included in the institutions/departments and KTH’s total result, so your answers are important even if you are a member of a small team.

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