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On 4 April 2018, a survey was sent out with the aim of gaining a greater insight into the working climate and what you think about KTH. By responding to questions including our working climate, how we treat each other, leadership, goals and visions, you can exert influence.

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The Survey will be sent out on 4 April 2018!

Last day to complete: 25 of April

The survey was sent out on April 4 2018!

Last day to complete: April 25

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KTH is a leading international university that creates knowledge and expertise for a sustainable future, and you a prerequisite for that work. That you enjoy your work and are able to do so in a healthy research/work climate is important and contributes to creativity, good health and good performance.

At KTH, we have chosen the areas of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment as priorities for our work environment activities. This year’s survey therefore places particular weight on questions relating to working climate and treatment. The survey is a tool for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and, based on that information, taking the requisite steps towards improvement. The foundation to implement improvements will be built on the responses we receive. With more responses, the better foundation we will have to work from.

In 2018, for the first time an equivalent survey will be carried out for doctoral students financed in some way other than through doctoral employment.

The survey

The survey will be distributed via e-mail by our service provider Quicksearch. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be available for three weeks. The survey can be answered via computer, smartphone or tablet. It will be available in both Swedish and English and covers topics such as leadership, working climate, goals and visions. You can pause and close the survey and return to it later, although if you do so you will not be able to alter your previous answers. Nobody at KTH will have access to individual responses, which will be handled by Quicksearch.

What happens after the survey? 

Results for KTH as a whole will be compiled in a report to be presented to the President´s Strategic Council. Thereafter, the results for each school will be presented to the Head of school along with the management of each school at the end of the spring term 2018.

KTH’s HR Department, together with the Safety Committee, will prepare an action plan containing activities that affect KTH as a whole and, thereafter, each school will prepare its own action plan containing specific activities and measures (in this regard, University Administration is equivalent to a school).

Each manager is responsible for presenting the results to their group. The group will then work together to plan, timetable and implement any necessary measures according to an action plan. Results at group level are possible where 10 or more members of the group have responded to the survey. If less than 10 members within a group respond, the group’s results will be combined with the level above.

Compiled result from 2016 (ppt 3.9 MB)

Measures implemented after previous surveys

Thanks to a high level of participation in previous surveys, we have been able to implement a number of improvement measures centrally. Among other things, activities have been carried out to:

  • Clarify routines for managing discrimination, victimisation and harassment.
  • Implement information campaigns at school level to increase awareness of procedures relating to crisis situations, evacuation in the event of fire and reporting incidents/work-related injuries.
  • Provide access to seminars on stress management for staff through the occupational health service.

In addition to improvements implemented centrally, the managers of individual groups have taken their own measures.


If you experience any technical issues when completing the survey, please contact Quicksearch Support on: 035 10 03 30, support@quicksearch.se.

If you have any questions regarding the survey itself or how results will be handled, etc., please contact the project manager: Melody Jakob, 0709 900 034, melody.jakob@quicksearch.se

For further information, please contact Human Resources, University Administration: medarbetarundersokning@kth.se

For further information about processing of personal data please contact: personuppgiftsombud@kth.se

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