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What do you think about KTH?

On 4-27 April 2018, a survey was sent out with the aim of gaining a greater insight into the working climate and what you think about KTH. By responding to questions including our working climate, how we treat each other, leadership, goals and visions, you can exert influence.

What happens after the survey?

Results for KTH as a whole will be compiled in a report to be presented to the President´s Strategic Council. Thereafter, the results for each school will be presented to the Head of school along with the management of each school. Thursday 14th June, the results for KTH as a whole and for each school/UF are published here on the intranet. Thereafter the work will continue at the institutions/departments during the summer and autumn.

Each head of department/prefect is responsible for presenting the results to their group and for initiating work with action plans. The group then works together with planning and implementing actions that may be needed. As an employee, everyone is responsible for contributing to a good dialogue and helping to develop and implement measures.

Results turning into action

The most important work occurs after the survey. Reflecting over the results, turning ideas into measures that make a difference and carrying out actions plans. As self-evident as it sounds, these steps are often forgotten. It is also important to ensure both the positive results and those which need improvement.

Measures implemented after previous surveys

Thanks to a high level of participation in previous surveys, we have been able to implement a number of improvement measures centrally. Among other things, activities have been carried out to:

  • Clarify routines for managing discrimination, victimisation and harassment.
  • Implement information campaigns at school level to increase awareness of procedures relating to crisis situations, evacuation in the event of fire and reporting incidents/work-related injuries.
  • Provide access to seminars on stress management for staff through the occupational health service.

In addition to improvements implemented centrally, the managers of individual groups have taken their own measures.

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