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Go from unhealthy stress to sustainable and productive efficiency

Are you ready to invest in a personal change to prevent stress? Most of us know that healthy food and physical exercise is essential, but how many people know how to manage the brain to feel and function better?

Together with the trade unions, the employer is now again offering employees the opportunity to participate in a digital program, based on a completely new method and aimed at managing stress and improving wellbeing. Behind the program are leading Swedish and international stress researchers from Karolinska Institutet and the Stress Research Institute. In combination with an introductory lecture and two group meetings, you get all the tools you need to work and function better over time.

All you need to do is commit to investing 2-3 hours each month for about 3-6 months. It will lower your stress level and teach you how to handle stressful situations better. The program starts at 22 August, with an introductory lecture given by Anders Tengström, who has a doctorate in psychology.

The number of participants is limited to 450, where managers will be in their own groups. The program consists of eight modules where one module takes about 30 minutes to complete, as well as two workshops of one hour each. The manager groups are offered a total of three workshops of one hour each.

It is important that everyone who gets the opportunity to participate completes the entire program. If you participated in the program last year, the opportunity to participate in this round is subject to availability.

Register your interest with a short text explaining your reasons for wanting to join, no later than 17 August 2022 (extended registration period). Information regarding your admission to the program will be sent thereafter.

Register your interest in the programme

Workshop leaders

Marika Jonmar and Caroline Seblad, Ninfea Ledarutveckling

Marika Jonmar and Caroline Seblad

Marika Jonmar and Caroline Seblad have owned and run Ninfea Ledarutveckling for seven years. They are experienced coaches and leadership developers based on 15 years of their own leadership experience, which they combine with stress, brain and motivation research. They are both, among other things, trained Motivation Masters and Mental Coaches. They coach leaders, teams and individuals and carry out transformative leadership programs, workshops and lectures with the aim of unleashing people's inner potential so that they can live and lead fully from the heart.

Heidi Andersen

Heidi Andersen

Heidi Andersen is originally from the USA and has had her business in Stockholm Sweden for the past 20 years. Heidi holds courses in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is one of those who has taught the longest in Sweden. She is, among other things, a trained positive Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Transformational Presence Coach.

Louise Moebius

Louise Moebius

Louise Moebius has, among other things, specialized in working with EQ, more specifically to develop emotional intelligence in managers to create more successful and sustainable leaders. She also has solid experience of coaching and truly believes that we all have a strong potential to develop within our self-leadership.

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