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Swedish and Swedish work culture

Staff training in Swedish and Swedish work culture for employees from abroad to make the employee more employable for a continued career in Sweden.

Purpose and goal for the programme

The programme aims to provide greater intercultural competence and integration to KTH and Sweden, so that the international employee can get involved in the Swedish societal debate and feel a close connection to KTH.

The goal is to make KTH employees with a foreign background more employable in Sweden through increased knowledge of the Swedish labor market, networking and which processes and cultures that contribute to success both within and outside KTH.

The aim is for KTH to be experienced as accessible and open to the outside world and to offer an internationally attractive work environment. Swedish is the official language according to the Language Act.


Apply to Swedish and Swedish work Culture programme

Sign up no later than Jan 10th and improve your Swedish language knowledge with us! Before you get accepted we will ask you to do a minor language test and we will also call you for a short interview. Registration is on first come, first served basis.

Prerequisites: You need Swedish skills at leats at A2-level.


The programme starts on February 1st 2022.

Duration: 8 weeks intensive course with three activities/week:

  • Once a week at 15.00-18.00 language course in Swedish by KTH Language and Communication at KTH Campus.
  • Once a week at 16.00-18.00 seminar/study visits external and internal, about Swedish culture/work culture, for example career guidance.
  • Once a week study buddy conversation training including lunch with a Swedish speaking employee from another function for an extended network at KTH. The purpose of the meetings is a mutual awareness of intercultural communication, integration and onboarding at KTH.


Lotta Rosenfeldt, KTH Relocation, 08-790 88 80,

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