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Apply for docentship

You will find information on this website on how to apply to be admitted as a docent at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology).

Eligibility requirements andinstructions for admission as a docent

 The Faculty Council’s instructions for admission as docent contain among others the eligibility requirements, information about how to apply to become a docent, how your application is processed, question areas at the docent interview and other important matters. Please note that the subject area of the docentship must be related to a third cycle subject area. Please read instructions carefully.

Link to Faculty Council's instructions for admission as docent .

Anyone who has applied for admission as a docent after 1 January 2018 may apply again no earlier than 18 months from the date of the most recent application. If the application is submitted earlier, it will be rejected by the Employment committee. The Dean of Faculty may decide on exceptions from this provision if exceptional reasons are presented. A request for an exception is made by the Head of School in writing.

How do I apply to become a docent?

Docent applicants should apply in writing. The application should comply with KTH's CV template for appointment of teachers and be submitted to the school for the subject which the docentship will belong to. Before applying, applicants must contact the school as a prerequisite for the examination of the application is that the school shows that the docentship is useful.

  1. Contact the HR officer at the school to which the subject for the docentship is associated. The officer will create a case in the KTH recruiting system and will give you a link.
  2. Click on the link and register as an applicant and upload your CV and publications (see items 3 to 5 below). You upload your application in the KTH recruiting system.
  • Use the template for the front paper ( Front paper (docx 24 kB) ) or print your own with the following information: name, title, name of workplace and department.
  • Use the KTH CV template for employment of teachers  (see note below under "Specifically about the KTH CV template"). Appendices to the application should be put at the end of the application. The whole application (including appendices) is then uploaded in a PDF file. The application should be written in English and can be named as "Application for docentship (NAME)". Make sure that you have the correct subject area for your docentship before submitting your application. The subject area must be related to a third cycle subject area.
  • Publications are uploaded in a separate PDF file, which can be named as "Publications for docentship (NAME)".

The school's HR officer will then submit your application to the employment committee with a supporting document that contains a proposal for subject area, among other things. The subject area in the schools proposal and the subject area in the applicants application has to be the same and be related to a third cycle subject area.

Any questions about the procedure?

If you have questions about the procedure, please send an e-mail to .

Link to
Process description and processing order for admission of docents

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