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Applying for promotion

Information for applicants regarding the application periods, the application procedure and the eligibility requirements and grounds of assessment for promotion.

Application periods

Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

For Assistant Professors who are applying for promotion to Associate Professor there are three application periods per year:

  • 1-31 January
  • 1-30 April
  • 1-30 September

The application must be submitted to KTH through KTH's recruitment system before midnight (CET/CEST) on the last day of application of the current application period. Please note that applications regarding promotion from assistant professor to associate professor must be submitted in good time so KTH can make the assesment and take the decision before the time limited employment period as assistant professor ends.

Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

The application period is 1-31 January for promotion to Professor.

Your application must be submitted to KTH through KTH's recruitment system before midnight (CET/CEST) on the last day of application (January 31).

Associate Professors who want to reapply for promotion can do so at the earliest two years after their previous application.

The application procedure and what the application should contain

Disclaimer: The information in this section has been revised October 22 2021 and professional translation is pending. This text will be updated shortly. In case of discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English translation of the text, the Swedish version takes precedence.

Here you will find information about how to apply for promotion to Professor or Associate Professor at KTH and what the application must contain:

  • In good time before the application period starts, you and the school should initiate a dialogue about your intention to apply for promotion.
  • In order to upload your application in the KTH recruitment system you will need a link that the school will provide you with. In order to receive the link, you should mail the school the following information: Name, school, department, what position you intend to apply for promotion to and subject area. Please note that the subject area should be the same as for your current employment. Your subject area is found in the employment profile of your currrent position.
  • The school will provide you with a link to KTH´s recruitment system. Click on the link to register and upload your cover page, CV, appendices, employment profile and publications as described below.

Following instructions should be obtained:

KTH's CV template for employment and promotion of teachers  must be used.
Following appendices shall be attached:

  • Certificate PhD.
  • Certificate Docent (if applicable).
  • All recent course analysis you have written. You should also add other documentation verifying your work, such as course evaluations.
  • Certificate of funds received.
  • Certificate of teaching and learning in higher education of at least 15 credits.
  • Documented experience of individual supervision at third cycle level (when applying for promotion to professor).
    Excerpt from the Appointments Procedure at KTH  regarding KTH’s criteria for assessment of teaching expertise for professors:
    “Can demonstrate documented experience of individual supervision at third cycle level. This means that the applicant shall normally have been the principal supervisor for at least one doctoral student who has achieved a doctorate. Principal supervisor means having responsibility for the whole process from recruitment and admission to examination, as well as active work in supervision both in courses at third cycle level and in the actual thesis work.”
    This applies to individual supervision at doctoral level in general. Specifically for individual supervision at postgraduate level performed at KTH, there is information on main supervision in KTH's Guideline on Third-Cycle Studies .
    Excerpts from the study documentation system or other certificate stating the period during which you have been the main supervisor and that the degree for the doctoral student has been issued must be included in the material attached. In addition to this, you should also describe your role as main supervisor according to the instructions in the CV template.
    (The text in this paragraph was modified in October 2021. The extract from the employment regulations has, however, had the given wording since 2017-01-01.)
  • Other certificates that you want to invoke.
  • The employment profile for your current employment (when applying for promotion to Associate Professor). The reason is that in addition to the subject area, it specifies the special assessment criterias for promotion. The employment profile is also included in the announcement for your current postion. For application for promotion to professor, you can use the announcement (in Swedish and English) for your current employment. The document should be uploaded as a separate PDF file.
  • Publications. The publications you invoke should be uploaded in a separate PDF-file "Publications for promotion (NAME)".

When you have uploaded your application the school will forward it to the Employment Board.

Eligibility requirements and grounds of assessment for promotion

The qualifications required for appointment as a Professor or Associate Professor are stipulated in Sections 3–4 of Chapter 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) see link: Higher Education Act (1993:100) . In addition, the eligibility requirements and grounds of assessment in KTH employment regulations apply see link: Appointments Procedure at KTH . One of this requirements is that the applicant has completed courses in higher education pedagogics of at least 15 credits or other pedagogical education of comparable scope and content.

Teaching and learning in higher education

An additional requirement for promotion is that you have completed courses in teaching and learning in higher education of at least 15 credits. List in your CV the courses in university teaching that you have undergone. For each course, state year, institution, course name and course code if applicable, number of credits, course goals and objectives. Attach certificates with a pass grade for each course.

If you have completed courses in teaching and learning in higher education at another university than KTH and information is missing regarding number of credits and educational level, you should contact the other university for assesment and certificates. If you have completed course in teaching and learning at a university abroad, you should contact the unit for higher education  for assessment. The same applies to if you have completed see link: courses in teaching and learning in higher education  at KTH and information is missing regarding number of credits and educational level. Please note that the processing time may take up to three weeks. If you have questions where to turn regarding your courses, please contact .

Instructions regarding the promotion procedure

The govering document contaning the instructions regarding application for promotion, handling of the applications and the decision processes can be reached through this link: Guideline to the appointments procedure .

Additional information

When a teacher applies for promotion, the school is required to assist the Employment Board by submitting a statement about the applicant and by proposing experts who can review the applicant's research an teaching qualifications. The school submits the application, the school's statement and the suggestion of expert evaluators to the Employment Board, through KTH's recruitment system, before the application period ends. You can read more about this here The school´s tasks .


According the new rules stated in Chapter 4. Section 12:2 of the Higher Education Ordinance, the rejecting of an application for promotion to Associate Professor can be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board. This concerns only Assistant Professors employed from 1 April 2018.

Matters regarding application for promotion to Professor can not be appealed.

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