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Business travel

If you need to travel, here is information on how to book a business trip, guidelines on meetings and travel, which agreements apply to KTH, our travel insurance, how to apply for business procured personal card (FUP) and how to connect FUP card to KTH-RES. Have a nice trip!

Need to travel

By meeting without traveling, you contribute to all three aspects of sustainable development ie. reduced environmental impact, economic savings and social benefits. As far as possible, travel should be replaced by travel-free alternatives, such as videoconferencing or inconference .

Before you book, read the Guidelines for meetings and travel .

Are you going on travel for business?

Business trip step by step

Contact information for KTH:s Travel Agency, Egencia:

Personlig service - trip booking, online support and complaint

Openinghours: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm (non-holiday, Monday-friday)
Phone: 46 8 555 237 20 (selection, domstic/foreign)

Invoice questions:

Meetings & Events:
Openinghours: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm (non-holiday, Monday-friday)
Phone: 46 8 14 61 95

Webinar - Egencia self-booking tool

Attend a Webinar to learn how you manage your trip in Egencia's self-booking tool. The review is aimed at those who are traveler. The Webinar takes about 45 minutes. Select a date that suits you. Sign up here Webinar on english : Egencia self-booking tool

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