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Published Mar 11, 2020

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, the following is recommended under the current conditions:

Updated March 20, 13:30 pm

Contact with Egencia Important information for travelers and travel clients-20200320.docx (docx 52 kB)

If you want to cancel, change or rebook your flight

If you want to cancel a booked flight, change / reschedule your flight because of Corona, contact Egencia personal service 08-555 273 20 alternatively . In case you need to contact Egencia personal service and their journey is not affected by Corona or if the travel date is not in the near future, we urge you to contact Egencia via email  . The wait time to talk to a travel consultant on the phone can be longer than usual.

Many airlines have issued flexible travel policies for destinations where a significant spread of the virus has been reported. These flexible travel policies generally mean that no fees are charged for cancellations or changes, depending on the applicable rules and conditions. The traveler has the opportunity to check the airline´s website to see information about the most recent flexible travel policies and, if applicable, impact on your journey. The conditions and the situation may change. Initial rules and conditions for the booking, including applicable changes and cancellation fees, apply if flexible travel policies are not applied. Some airlines offer free re-booking and cancellation for new bookings. Egencia travel consultants have access to the latest flexible travel policies, these are constantly updated. More information about Corona can be found on Egencia online.

Go to the airline´s website and read about the latest update. Here are some pages.




If you plan to travel or are abroad

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against non-essential travel to all countries until July 15, 2020.

No business trips are to be made, international or domestic, until further notice.

If you are currently abroad, follow instructions issued by local authorities.

If you are abroad - when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel because of the Corona virus. Kammarkollegiet, business travel insurance applies, the insurance reimburses for additional costs for returning home to Sweden, more information - Heading "Statens tjänstereseförsäkring" (docx 40 kB) . Contact Falck Global Assistance for assistance with ticket booking tel: 0046 8 587 71 749 or  alternative contact Egencia.

Here you will find the latest information from KTH´s management regarding the Coronavirus


The Kammarkollegiet Business Travel Insurance is not covered in the case of canceled flights, hotels or conferences.

Cancellation protection cover, connected via Diner´s invoice, applies only to the cancellation of trips due to illness or accident.

Supplemental travel insurance included in Diner's invoice with cancellation protection - cancellation of travel or flight delays due to the Coronavirus is not covered. Cancellation due to acute illness or accident is reimbursed for medical certificate. This also applies if you are infected by the Coronavirus and have a medical certificate confirming this.

Here you will find information on basic protection for business travel insurance and cancellation protection Business travel insurance - Cancellation protection

On the Kammarkollegiet website you will find questions and answers about Corona About the outbreak of the Coronavirus  , go to questions and answers about the Coronavirus – “employee covered by the State´s travel insurance…”.

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